Why The Oxford Comma Matters

I know I haven’t posted in a while, so here’s something fun for any grammar nuts out there:

What do you think about the Oxford comma?

I love comedy about grammar, and one of the best places to get it is The Oatmeal (although I saw this one in a practical grammar class while I was at PSU). Check out the semi-colon one. It’s pretty good.

I haven’t been up to anything blog-worthy lately because I’m just kind of waiting for all the paperwork to go through for my move to Naples. Most of my time is spent writing blogs and doing other projects for Oregon Bride magazine and spending time with friends and family before I leave for a year or so. But I have good news–I have a date! I’m hopping on a plane to Naples next Wednesday! FINALLY. In the meantime I’m working on an informational blog for any other military spouses in my situation because we had a terrible time trying to find info on getting overseas. So it won’t be that interesting to most people, but I’m moving soon which means more travel blogs! Maybe Milan for Christmas…? 😀

Also, go check out my brother’s band’s Youtube channel (Polar Carl). They have a new song–a cover of “You Are My Sunshine.” They’re also in the process of writing material for an album release!


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