Our Rustic Chic Wedding

The wedding pictures are here!

We wed in Ariel, Washington on July 27, 2012 at Heritage Park Event & Retreat Center. It was a gorgeous day, and by far the most fun I’ve ever had at a wedding (even beside the fact that is was my own 🙂 ). My vision really came together; the food was great, the music was fantastic, and people danced, drank and altogether had a great time. Just what I wanted.

The photos were taken by Thomas’ aunt who is from Evanston, Illinois. Her company is called Horizon Photography. Her wedding gift to us was her photography skills. SCORE! And they look great. Some were taken by wedding-goers as well.


You should recognize the “Thomas + Sara” sign from this post. All the wood pieces (ceremony decor, cupcake stands, table decor, etc.) came from the same dying tree that was blocking a trail at my grandpa’s house, and the frame on the guest book table is a window pane that used to be part of a chicken coop my dad’s family had when he was young (there’s chicken wire pinned to the back I used to clothespin the pictures). The guest book was an Etsy buy from Morgan Hill Designs. We rented the glasses and beverage containers from Miss Formal Event Rentals, and filled one with lemonade and the other with lavender-infused gin and grapefruit juice (a super tasty concoction taken from Besaw’s restaurant on 23rd in Portland…mmmmm….). We got the mismatched plates from craigslist, and my mom made the mismatched napkins. Ceremony flowers were provided by a family friend, and bouquets and reception flowers were put together by a nice lady named Mrs. Yoder who does them out of her home in Woodland, Washington. My dad made the cupcake stands and wine barrel cooler. Our little cake and all the cupcakes were made by Sadie & Josie’s Bakery in La Center, Washington. And I made the “Love is Sweet” banner out of burlap and fabric paint 🙂


There’s plenty more of these, but here’s my faves. My dress is from J.Crew, by the way. And I got it on a sale day! The bridesmaid dresses are from Nordstrom. I’d link to the actual dress, but we got the last of them 🙂 Mr. Formal took care of the guys’ wardrobes (except the shoes and gingham check shirts–we got those elsewhere).


Ceremony music was provided by my little brother (on piano) and his buddy (on flute). Another friend of his was the page turner haha.  As guests arrived and found their seats, they played “Colour My World” by Chicago and “They Long to Be (Close to You)” by The Carpenters. As the wedding party walked down the aisle, they played the DJ Sammy version of “Heaven,” and of course the bridal march for my dad and I, but it was simpler and prettier (in my opinion). They played “You’re My Best Friend” by Queen for the recessional. My brothers friends also helped out at the reception making sure water pitchers were full and clearing plates for everyone. Our officiant is the youth pastor where Thomas and I used to go to church, so we know each other pretty well, and he gave us the perfect ceremony.


And now for the fun part! The delicious BBQ was provided by The Fat Moose Bar & Grill, and the DJ was Guy from A Beat Above Entertainment (amazing!). Our first dance was “Is This Love” by Bob Marley. We did the Father and Daughter/Mother and Son dance to “You’ll Be In My Heart” by Phil Collins. And we did do a money dance. Thomas kicked my ass. AND he had more male partners than me!

Click here to read about our honeymoon in Whistler, BC!


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