Honeymoon in Whistler, BC

Hello again everyone! Well, the wedding has come and gone, the honeymoon was awesome, and Thomas is probably over the Atlantic as we speak on his way back to Naples. Sigh 😦 It was so much fun, and it all flew by so fast. But now I have time to go through photos and blog 😀

After our amazing wedding (post to come–just waiting for pro photos to come in) we headed north to Whistler, BC. If any of you have ever been there, you know it’s one of the most beautiful places on Earth, and I’m sure you had the time of your life. If you have gone, but you don’t think it’s awe-inspiring, or you didn’t have a good time, then there’s something seriously wrong with you. Seriously. I can’t even come close to explaining how wonderful and breathtaking this place is. Luckily I have pictures, but even those can’t capture the wonder of Whistler.

Thomas’ parents let us take their ’88 Mercedes Convertible 🙂

I’d never visited before, but Thomas has been in the Winter. There was still snow on the peaks, and I hear it rains a lot, but we couldn’t have been more fortunate with the weather (70-80 F all week!). So that left us with endless time and possibilities when it came to outdoor activities (and we still didn’t come close to doing it all). Instead of going day by day, I’ll just show you all some of the activities we did…

ATV Tour – The Adventure Group

This tour took place on Cougar Mountain. We had a guide and we rode with a nice family from Holland. First off, it was kinda lame. The trail was packed gravel, pretty flat, and surrounded by trees. I love trees, but I can see those here in the great state of Washington. Luckily the trail picked up a bit. The terrain became a lot more rocky and hills became much steeper. The trees also cleared in a few places so we got a great view of Whistler and Blackcomb Mountains. And oh man…we got soooooo dusty. I didn’t help that we were in the back, but I’m pretty sure the guide could tell that Thomas wanted to keep his distance and mess around more on the quad…which he did.


Then they fed us lunch. I got a turkey sandwich with cranberry chutney and cucumber and cheese and all sorts of amazingness. Mmmmm.

ZipTrek Tour

Of course we had to do the zip line! We went on the Eagle Tour which had five lines, including one that was 2000 feet long with a 20+ story drop. We were up to 200 feet above the ground, so of course there were some amazing views as we zoomed over at up to 50 miles per hour. Our guides also gave us some interesting info about sustainability, the forest, and wildlife. And yes, I did a line upside down.

Bike Riding

We rented bikes for a few days and rode through all kinds of trails. Downhill mountain biking is really big in Whistler in the summer–they open up the ski lifts so riders can go down the mountain–but I wasn’t up for it. Thomas wanted to do it, but he ended up sleeping until two trying to beat a hangover haha. We went on paved trails that led us around Lost, Green, and Alta Lakes (gorgeous!), back woods trails the wove us up and down hills and through trees–some branched off into a little tougher (thinner, more rocky, more obstacles) mountain biking trails–and some chill gravel trails. I would say the back woods trails were the most fun (and the best workout!), but the paved trails led us to more pretty sights. The lakes and streams were so clear, as you can see in the photos, but they were super cold! The creek is still around two degrees Celcius (36 F) in the summer according to one of our ZipTreck guides. But yeah, we barely grazed the surface of the numerous trails in the area. Another reason to return, I suppose 🙂



Peak 2 Peak Gondola, Lifts, & Hiking

It’d be really hard to pick my favorite day in Whistler, but I suppose if I absolutely had to, the day we rode the gondola, lifts, and went hiking would have to be it. We got a personal gondola to take us almost to the peak of Whistler Mountain, then we hiked a little way to a lift that took us the rest of the way up. There was still snow up there, but it was super hot, so it felt really good on our skin. There were a lot of cool rock structures built by other travelers, which you’ll see in the photos. The arch one was really neat. We built one too. It may not look like much, but it houses an empty beer can we found at the peak haha. We hiked back down to where the first gondola dropped us and had lunch. I swear, all food in Whistler is awesome. I had a wrap with peppered turkey–I think there was ham in it too–provolone, mango chutney, and lettuce, plus a salad. So tasty. Thomas got a super fat burger and fries. Then we grabbed some gelato and hopped on the Peak 2 Peak Gondola to Blackcomb Mountain. The view was nice, but I saw better on our hike and on the lifts. Unfortunately we had to take the lift down right when we got to Blackcomb since they were about to close for the night, but it was a really nice ride all the way back down to the village.


Other activities we did included eating, drinking, dancing, and playing lots of pool. The food was tasty everywhere we went, the beer was good, the music (live and stereo) always seemed to fit the mood perfectly, and the people were awesome.

There were so many times on this trip where I was left speechless looking at the wonder of our world. We met so many people that came to the city for a season, then were still there the next season, then the next, and years later they still hadn’t left. I get it. I would go back to Whistler in a heartbeat. The only downside: it’s freaking expensive to live there. And unfortunately that’s a really big downside. But we will, no doubt, be back.

Sit tight for a wedding post! Everyone who wasn’t there missed out on a super fun night!


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