Posted in August 2012

Kool-Aid Lip Stain

I don’t really like makeup, especially lip stuff. It feels heavy to me, it doesn’t taste good, and I’m not allowed to lick my lips. Seriously, I sat in a Clinique chair one time and I wanted to lick my lips after the lady applied lipstick and gloss, and she yelled at me. What the … Continue reading

Polar Carl

So my little brother is in a band with some of his friends, and you should go check them out. They’re just starting out, but they have potential, and each member is passionate and musically inclined. Here’s one of their songs: Check out their Facebook, twitter, and website!

Engagement Photos

I just realized I never shared our engagement photos! They were taken way back in December 2011…so I guess this blog didn’t even exist then… So while you’re waiting for the wedding post, here you go 🙂 These were extremely low-key; we took them on my grandpa’s farm with a fancy camera Thomas’ parents had. … Continue reading

New Writing Gig w/ Oregon Bride

Oh, I forgot to mention…I am now an Editorial Assistant at Oregon Bride (which as actually a fancier, more professional sounding title than intern). I love it so far! For now I’m mostly blogging and social networking for the mag, but you may see my name in the next issue 😀 Click here to check … Continue reading

Honeymoon in Whistler, BC

Hello again everyone! Well, the wedding has come and gone, the honeymoon was awesome, and Thomas is probably over the Atlantic as we speak on his way back to Naples. Sigh 😦 It was so much fun, and it all flew by so fast. But now I have time to go through photos and blog … Continue reading