Posted in May 2012

Anfiteatro di Capua

I’m finally getting this post up after a very busy week! First, Thomas’ laptop broke, and we lost everything on it, which really sucked because my laptop broke not too long ago and I had just finished moving all my files over. Luckily I had everything backed up (Do it people! You never know when … Continue reading

Reggia di Caserta

May 21: On Monday Thomas and I went to the Royal Palace of Caserta with some friends. It was a blast. Our tickets admitted us to the palace as well as the royal garden–both breathtaking in terms of size and beauty. We toured the palace first. The massiveness of the palace and intricacy of its … Continue reading


May 13: Sorrento might be my favorite city we’ve visited so far. The drive there is enough to rave about; much of the road to the coast town is along the edge of a cliff around the south end of the Bay of Naples. And there’s tons of cool shops in town. Here’s some pictures … Continue reading

Ninja Gus

So we have a new dog… his name is Ninja Gus (or just Gus) 🙂 He’s actually a stray, but he’s been sleeping on our porch for about a week now. We have absolutely no idea how he gets in–the house is totally gated, as are all of the houses on our block–hence then name Ninja … Continue reading

Bacoli Beach Day

May 2: In the spirit of beautiful weather, Thomas and I headed to a beach in Bacoli on Wednesday with a group of friends. The beaches are really nice right now. They’re not super crowded like in the summer, but the clean-up for summer has already begun. Bacoli is really cool because you can see … Continue reading

Zoosafari Fasanolandia

Sorry again about the delay. I meant to write this post on Monday or Tuesday, but my body was still stuck on days from our fun weekend, so I slept through Thomas’ entire watch on Monday night. I had to start on dinner right away. Then I spent all Tuesday night uploading and editing the … Continue reading